NEWS: BET Removes Freestyle Friday Champion, Charron, From Cypher
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For a while now, we’ve been following Ottawa rapper, Cory Charron, through his journey to become BETs Freestyle Friday champ; From the moment he announced he’s been saving his own money to bus to NYC to appear on the show, to the moment he beat Interstate Fatz in the finals. In the end, Charron won 5 grand and a chance to appear in the famous BET cypher along with other top names in hip hop.

It has now just been confirmed that, despite winning a “contractually agreed upon” prize, Charron has been removed from the cypher. The rapper believes that BETs reasoning for removing him may be that he is a white Canadian who dominated on a black American show (and we can’t say we really disagree with him); feeling he has been discriminated against Charron took to Facebook to express his frustration.


We were all stoked to see Cory Charron, a Canadian, feature in the cypher and put Ottawa on the hip-hop map. Thanks to BET and their seemingly ill-intentions, that sadly won’t happen in the near future.

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