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RBC Bluesfest 2013: Killer Mike, El-P, Mariana’s Trench, & Solange (Photos)

Last Wednesday at RBC Bluesfest was like a marathon for us at Envy Magazine; Running from stage to stage in the blistering heat was worth it to see some of the awesome acts that day. Despite sound issues on the River Stage and having to combat... more

RBC Bluesfest 2013: Wu-Tang Clan (Photos)

After hours of torrential downpours and chants of "WU-TANG CLAN AIN'T NOTHIN TO (you know)", 7 out of the army of rappers that is the Wu-Tang Clan finally made it to the RBC Bluesfest stage for the first time. While a large majority of the crowd... more

RBC Bluesfest 2013: Zac Brown Band (PHOTOS)

"A cold beer on a friday night..." Bluesfest has become a sole way for many of us in Ottawa to see artists that we've loved forever and waited forever to see live; But it's the ones we discover while at the festival that make it even more... more

RBC Bluesfest 2013: Flogging Molly [PHOTOS]

With a "lively Canadian beer" in his hand and some crazy Irish anecdotes, Dave King and his band, Flogging Molly, gave their audience an unforgettable performance on the second night of RBC Bluesfest. The crowd was an interesting mixture of older... more

RBC BLUESFEST 2013: Jimmy Eat World [PHOTOS]

On opening night, all of us 20-somethings had the chance to relive our junior high years when bands like Yellowcard, Blink-182, and of course Jimmy Eat World were the new generations of rock. The guys gave us a punch of power-pop and a great... more

RBC BLUESFEST 2013: Highlights of what’s to come!

CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS TO OTTAWA'S 2013 RBC BLUESFEST  Ottawa RBC Bluesfest is finally upon us for another year and we couldn't be more stoked! This will be Envy Magazine's 3rd year in a row covering one of Ottawa's most beloved music... more

Ottawa Bluesfest 2013: FULL LINEUP

From FUN. to B.B King, Bluesfest's array of different artists is no shock as they announced their lineup for 2013. We at Envy are excited to see all the hip hop acts including Wu-Tang Clan, Killer Mike, City Fidelia, A Tribe Called Red, and so... more

Action Bronson Gets Turnt Up at Bluesfest

Written by Alex Brazeau On a day with a stacked hip hop lineup, having to take the stage early and still remaining at the end of the night as the evening’s most memorable performance is no easy task. But if you were to ask 30-year-old Flushing,... more

Making Old New Again: Ottawa Bluesfest 2014 Day 1 ft. Danny Brown

Written by Alex Brazeau Truth be told, I didn’t know a whole lot about Danny Brown’s music until recently… but anyone who ends up on as many end-of-year lists as this guy did and gets reviewed at festivals as “one of the ten best sets at... more

Chance the Rapper Sound Academy
Chance the Rapper Makes Family Matter in Toronto

Photo Cred: Justin Browne Article Cred: Chizzle Chance the Rapper has been creeping his way into Canadian sound-waves recently, having played Bluesfest in Ottawa this summer and now bringing his new tour to Toronto and Montreal. His buzz took... more