“Blue Sky/C’est La Vie” + The Blindspot project City Fidelia

Posted: October 13th, 2012

Recently, we caught up with Ottawa’s own City Fidelia for the low down on The Blindspot album which dropped on October 11th (Check the interview here). Since then, our Twitter and Facebook feeds have been buzzing with nothing but positive feedback from those who have been bumping the project non-stop.
“Chase what you love for the people you love because once they are gone their perspective on your success will always remain in question” City Fidelia
The Blindspot is about the come up, the hustle, and the fight to make it no matter who or what tries to stifle your progress. City Fidelia tells his personal story of uplifting proportions; He gives us an insight to who he really is and what his grind is all about. This project is an inspiring collection of 15 tracks that wills us all to push a little harder in whatever we do in life. You have to be #selfmadeallday. A true example of why Ottawa will be put on the map.

Listen and download here:

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