Bluesfest 2015: Fans Get Tragically Dropkick(ed) In the Rain

Posted: July 23rd, 2015

“In 20 years, we’ve never had a bad show because we play for the best god damn people in the world”, said Ken Casey, as a sea of fans packed in to the Claridge stage despite the interesting weather. The Massachusetts-bred celtic punk band of course didn’t let silly ‘severe thunder storm’ warnings stop them from playing an amazing show; In fact it was as if the harder they played, the harder it rained down on us. Within 5 minutes of the show commencing, there was already a mosh pit forming in the front from only the hardest of punk rockers (and maybe some innocent bystanders). Some people got brave enough to crowd surf, but expecting a gathering of drunken Dropkick Murphys fans to hold you up is a bit of a task. The music was intense and boisterous, almost making us want to venture out from under our umbrellas and out into a mosh pit (almost). After what seemed like the shortest set ever (an hour), fans stood around and chanted for an encore but, unfortunately, there was no time to fit one in. Even still, the celtic boys put on an incredible show and no matter what genre of music you like, if you ever get a chance to see Dropkick Murphys live, do it!


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Chizzle Photography | IG: @chizzlephotodesign

Headlining Rainfest 2015 that night was Canada’s pride of rock music: The Tragically Hip. It had been a long wait for Ottawa fans to finally see the Hip on their Fully Completely tour and the continuing crappy weather wasn’t going to stop them. They began their set with some favourites from ‘Ahead by Century’ to ‘New Orleans is Sinking’, then delved into celebrating their ‘Fully Completely’ album for a lengthy two hour set. Their celebration started with ‘Courage’ and ‘Fifty-Mission Cap’ then continued to nearly every song on the album. Gord Downie is certainly an interesting character to watch on stage with a quirkiness one would only attain from performing since the 80’s; He didn’t even stop the show to wipe down the stage, just simply did the shuffle with a cloth under his feet. At one point, Gord graciously thanked his fans for being there and even extended a not-so-gracious thank you to the rain, “thank you, fucking rain!” The weather never let up, but neither did the concert-goers or the band as they let their fans experience an iconic piece of Canadian rock culture.


Photo Credits
Chizzle Photography | IG: @chizzlephotodesign

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