Bluesfest 2015: Run the Jewels and Flight Distance

Posted: July 18th, 2015

July 15th was a rather ‘laxed day at Bluesfest for us at Envy Magazine; Nevertheless, we did catch a few note-worthy performances. Following the biggest disappointment of the day when De La Soul was canceled due to a flight delay (kudos to G. Grand named as their replacement), we set up camp at the Monster Stage for the remainder of the day.

Up first were a trio well-known to the Ottawa hip hop scene, Flight Distance. They humbly introduced themselves to an impressive gathering as “I’m Bender” and “I’m Pat” with DJ Calkuta spinning in the background. The boys joked about being the next best thing since the new Nando’s opening on Elgin Street (did you know about this?!), happy to be back on a Bluesfest stage for the first time since 2012. Between rapping about blanket parties and calling each other weirdos, Flight Distance gave a solid and fun performance for everyone in attendance, including friends and family. Before the show began, we got our hands on the group’s new album ‘High Priests of Low-Life’ which you can stream here.

Photo Credits
Chizzle Photography | IG: @chizzlephotodesign

Anticipation for the night’s headlining Monster Stage performance had been building throughout the entire festival as we kept hearing buzz from hip hop fans about “did you hear Run the Jewels are coming?”. Finally, after chants of “R-T-J!” from an anxious crowd, the wait was no longer. The duo burst onto the stage with El-P rapping “Oh dear what the fuck have we here?”, a line from their opening track on their ‘Run the Jewels’ project titled– you guessed it– ‘Run the Jewels’ . The show was high energy right from their opening number (even garnering a mosh pit of hip hop heads) and their personalities seemed to mesh incredibly well together. The buzz certainly didn’t end with the end of their set, as we overheard for days after about how “sick” Run the Jewels were.


Photo Credits
Chizzle Photography | IG: @chizzlephotodesign

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