Cashtro Crosby | NKNF (No Kids, No Felonies)

November 01st, 2012

Album: NKNF (No Kids, No Felonies)
Cashtro Crosby
Released: Oct. 23rd, 2012

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1. No Kids No Felonies (Intro) (Prod. Mohamed Haniff)
2. In my zone ft. Harvey Stripes (Prod. Mohamed Haniff)
3. All of the lifes (Prod. Vic Ns)
4. Fidel (Prod. Vic Ns)
5. The Suspense ft. DL Incognito (Prod. Mohamed Haniff)
6. Dialouge ft. Pyrex Press (Prod. Vic Ns)
7. After Hours (Before Breakfast) (Prod. Mohamed Haniff )
8. Worthy ft. Vic Ns (Prod. Twigg)
9. Ny  Cool pt. 2 ft. City Fidela (Prod.Half amazin)
10. Tourtuga time (Prod. Skin Deep)
11. Get Her Easy (Prod. Big Jerm)
12. M.O.G (Prod. Ocky Goodsounds)
13. Gin On Gin ft. Billz (Prod. Mohamed Haniff)
14. Outro (The Finale) / Thanks yall… (Prod. Mohamed Haniff)
15. BBQ’s & Liquor (Prod. Coop & Teflon don) {bonus}

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