Obie Trice
Montreal Hip Hop Artist: Bless

On the Ottawa leg of the Obie Trice 'The Hangover' tour, Montreal artist Bless was added to the roster; This being his second time touring with Obie. We took the opportunity to sit with the rapper who has a deeper root in the hip hop game than... more

Obie Trice Speaks On ‘The Hangover’, Outrageous Jay-Z Story, Meek vs. Drake, and more

Photo by: Alexandre Brault for Envy Magazine Photos of Obie Trice Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, here It’s been three long years since we’ve heard an album from Detroit’s own, Obie Trice, the man who brought us hip-hop classics from... more

Rich Homie Quan x Envy Magazine

Before heading to his set at Ritual Nightclub, we caught up with Rich Homie Quan in the lobby of his hotel for a quick chat. We talk about his favourite things about Canada, Drakes new album, celebrity twitter beefs, and... more

Tech N9ne x Envy Magazine

Ottawa hip hop heads hadn’t had Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne grace them with his presence since 2012, and last Tuesday during a stop on his Strangeulation Canadian Tour, he blew the roof off of a packed Ritual Nightclub (don’t worry, it’s a... more

Brother Ali x Envy Magazine x WeFam Ent

Brother Ali sits down with D.C. of WeFam Ent for Envy Magazine to discuss the Canadian tour with Shad, his funniest tour moments, advice for up-and-comers, plus more. Artist: Album Releases The Bite Marked Heart Mourning... more

Snak The Ripper x Envy Magazine

Halfway through his White Dynamite tour, Snak the Ripper finally stops off in the capital city-- Ottawa. Envy Magazine sat down with he and his team, Jaclyn Gee and and Merkules, for a hilarious interview. Snak talks about some of his tour/fan... more

Viewer’s Pick: Favourite Interview of 2012

2012 has been incredible for Envy Magazine's interviewers, from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony to Yelawolf, we've been able to bring you words from some of your favourite artists. We wanted to know who our viewer's favourite was and the votes are in! Chosen... more

Swisha T x Envy Magazine

Envy Magazine/Run 613's, D, sits down with Ottawa's own, Swisha T, at Skye Wear to ask him a few questions about the scene, current projects, upcoming ventures, plus more! ------- GIVEAWAY INFO --------- How to enter on Youtube: - Thumbs... more

Madchild x Envy Magazine

September 29th brought Tech N9ne and Madchild to the capital city on their Canadian wide tour. Run 613/Envy Magazine rep, D, sat down with the homie to ask him a few questions. Madchild spoke with us about touring with Tech N9ne and Krizz... more

DJ Mo Beatz x Envy Magazine

Detroit DJ -- Mo Beatz -- detours from his tour with Big Sean to party with the capital city at Mansion Nightclub presented by Building Blocks Ent. Envy Magazine stopped by before his set to chat about his first DJ battle, the music he has in his... more

City Fidelia x Envy Magazine #SMAD

City Fidelia, born in Montreal, raised in Brooklyn, and currently resides in Ottawa, Canada. He began writing and singing at the age of 11, then picked up rapping a while later. City Fidelia is the mind behing the "SelfMade" movement also known... more

Envy Magazine in the cut w/ ONYX | #goodfridayent #100mad

MOVE BACK! The ONYX is here! From NY back to the capital city, Ottawa, Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz sit down with Envy Magazine to discuss the state of hip hop, the Canadian rappers they f*ck with, and most memorable studio sessions. Plus,... more

DJ Premier x Bumpy Knuckles | Envy Magazine Shoutout [Video]

During the last stop on their Canadian tour to promote their Kolexxxion album, Primo and Freddie Foxxx take a second to shoutout Ottawas very own Envy Magazine. Full Interview: Brought to you by Envy Magazine: |... more

INTERVIEW: Stephen Marley

Photo Cred: Chizzle Photography What do you say to those who compare you to your father? I mean, I am my father's son, who else should I be compared to? I am supposed to be compared to [him], I am the fruit of that seed. You produced a few of... more

Yelawolf Shouts Out Envy Magazine [Video]

Back for the first time since 2010 when he toured with Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf gave another killer appearance in Canada's capital at Ritual Nightclub. Envy Magazine caught up with him before the show for a quick chat for his fans. Check out that... more


After a dope show at Ritual [Ottawa], we got a chance to cut it up with one of hiphop legends Masta Ace. The sit down was intimate and the conversation was great. Check out the interview where Masta Ace tells us about his top 5 emcees, his... more

INTERVIEW | Krayzie Bone

... more

Wish Bone Shoutout | Envy Magazine

... more


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INTERVIEW | The Capital | Teddy KGB & Ickarus

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INTERVIEW | Artitude | I.D Artisan

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INTERVIEW | The Elements | KikStep

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Reap & Sew on CTV Morning Show

If you're from the Ottawa area, you're familiar with a brand and store known as Reap & Sew, located on Dalhousie St. You can see them featured in our September issue with co-owner Mike Mikkelsen as well. These amazing people have just been... more

INTERVIEW | The Capital/Come Up | KG

... more

INTERVIEW: Buckshot of Boot Camp Clik

Photo & Interview: Chizzle Photography You've been to Ottawa countless times, so what do you like about this city so much? The hip-hop scene, it's cool. There's a good vibe here. Good hip-hop, good atmosphere. And the ladies! Do you feel... more


Envy: As a child, what kind of music would you listen to and who were your influences? Classified: I would listen to anything. My parents listened to a lot of 60's and 70's rock-- The Beatles, Huey Lewis-- I always remember that growing up.... more


Having just left Canada, how was it? It was pretty cool, I like to have fun in Canada. It's a great place to be; Nice people, they're really into their hip-hop out there. Can we expect you back? No doubt. Anytime Canada wants me to come back,... more


Envy: In 2001 you were recruited as a singer song-writer for SKY. What have you taken from the experience with this group? Karl: I travelled across Canada and performed everywhere and opened up for Shawn Desmond at the time. It kind of just gave me... more

Scotian Rapper J-BRU | INTERVIEW

Straight outta Halifax, J-Bru is a talented emcee and an inspirational man. Just in time for his tour with Classified, we caught up with him to give you an insight to who he really is. Envy: What made you choose a music career over being an... more

Toronto Rapper SESE | INTERVIEW

Envy: What is more important to you: lyrics or beats? Sese: It’s gotta be a full package for me to really appreciate it. The beat has to complement the flow and vice-versa. It seems the industry today has put more focus on a hot beat more-so... more

Scotian R&B Artist JRDN | INTERVIEW

If you haven’t heard of Canadian R&B artist, JRDN, now is a perfect time to come out from under your rock. Jordan Croucher was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and grew up between Halifax and Toronto. He has been singing since he was young and... more