Drake Unveils ‘Views From the 6’ Album Art

Posted: April 24, 2016 in
Written by: EnvyMagazine

We’ve been waiting for it forever and now it’s just 5 short days away. This Friday, April 29th, the world will hear the highly anticipated project that Drake has managed to keep a complete mystery. It has been reported that, for the first week, ‘Views from the 6’ will be an Apple exclusive before it is released to the remaining public. To make his fans even more antsy, the international man of mystery has been dropping visuals left and right, including a symbolic image projected on the Royal Opera House in London and a giant owl billboard in Toronto. Now we’ve finally got the artwork. It’s simple, but in a big way, and it’s the most Toronto thing Drake could do: a photo of the CN Tower where Drake appears to be sitting on the top. Now that is a view. For his most hyped album of his entire career, it’s incredibly fitting the album represents the city he loves and that loves him back.

– Chizzle


The Author: EnvyMagazine