INTERVIEW: Stephen Marley

Posted: August 13th, 2012


Photo Cred: Chizzle Photography

What do you say to those who compare you to your father?

I mean, I am my father’s son, who else should I be compared to? I am supposed to be compared to [him], I am the fruit of that seed.

You produced a few of your brother, Damian’s, albums. Has producing always been a passion for you?

Yeah! I mean, it’s music and I generalize it because, once it has something to do with music, I love it. Producing, as they say, is making music– it’s creating music– and I love that part.

The song “Hey Baby” with Mos Def fuses reggae and hip-hop together; Do you enjoy this mixture?

Music is boundless and bindless, you know? There are no boundaries. I enjoy the same music that feels good and sounds good, whether it’s hip-hop and reggae or rock and jazz– whatever it is, you know. Once it sounds good, it’s good.

Who are some of your favourite hip-hop artists?

I have a few artists that I listen to in hip-hop. I like Black Thought from The Roots a lot. Mr. Cheeks, Nas, of course, Dead Prez, and Mos Def.

You performed for Ottawa Bluesfest this year. Did you enjoy the festival and the city?

Yes, it was a wonderful experience. Wonderful! I got to experience some of the streets. It’s a beautiful place; Beautiful people.

What is it that keeps you pushing in your music?

Well, I love music and I am a fan of it. It’s a big part of my life because I was born into a family of music. I would say it’s just the love for it that keeps me going.

Tell us something, anything, that your fans may not know about you.

Something about me that my fans may not know? Well, I love soccer! If I wasn’t doing music, I would be a soccer player and I would be on the national team for Jamaica. That’s one thing. I don’t know what they don’t know about me, you know. I give my all and there’s nothing really hidden about me. I would say I love soccer as much as I love music.

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