Ottawa Folk Fest 2014: Day 2 ft. Lorde

September 13th, 2014

Photo Credit Chizzle Photography

Standing in the media pit, waiting for an artist to begin, we tend to overhear many conversations from anxious fans. While waiting for the 17-year-old VMA winner, Lorde, we overheard young girls squealing over how excited they were and how they “can’t believe she’s here and she’s real”. It’s intriguing how a young, new artist, all the way from New Zealand can have such an incredible reach. Nonetheless, she took to the stage and instantly commanded attention like a force field in her black robes. She began the show with “Glory and Gore” as the stage lighting faded in and out, creating an aura of mystery. She danced without conviction, her wild hair seeming to have a personality in its own. At many points in her set, Lorde stopped to genuinely thank the shocking number of fans who came to see her perform. She also boasted about Ottawa saying “You have something really great going here, Ottawa. I feel like I’m in the middle of no where!”, also telling us about shopping in our bookstores and visiting the Byward Market. The performance progressed on with a few costume changes, each more beautiful than the last; She adorned white robes for her Kanye West “Flashing Lights” cover and a Princess Jasmin-like, crimson outfit and a crown for her breakout hit “Royals”. Lorde has an amazing stage presence with her hauntingly beautiful voice and eccentricity; It’s no wonder she drew out such a massive crowd to our “middle of no where” park.

Photos below.

Shot by Chizzle Photography

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