Review: Arty Warhol “Now” Official Video

November 10th, 2016

Arty Warhol’s “Now” is a song about what money and fame can buy. Every rapper needs at least one of these declarations under their diamond-studded belt buckle. If done right, it’s a banger. This is Arty’s. In case you were forgetting how catchy the late summer jam was, the video for “Now” was just released a little over a week ago.

The video is simple; Alternating between rapping outside the gas station and then hanging out the side of his Benz. The contrasting scenes leave us with Arty’s nonchalant yet still hype delivery of the song. His camel coat and gold chain combo earn him some major style points too!

The perks of being a rapper, according to Arty, include having the bank call you by your last name, bottle service at the club, and getting shoes that aren’t even on display yet. References to designers like Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin, and Louis Vuitton leave us with no question as to whether the hook is true; “Cash out, blowin’ racks out, diamonds dancing/Bitch, I standout…”

Rest assured though, Arty won’t let fame change who he is; “Know I never change even when the cash came,” or forget the people that helped get him there; “I been with the same ones, we been on the way.”

Bottom line: This song is exactly what it needs to be for Arty and his fans. It’s the hustle and grind that got him to this point; his “Started From The Bottom”, if you will.

Article written by Hannah Rose Prendergast

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