Show Review: T.I. Performs Ottawa for the First Time Ever

It wouldn't be a Canadian tour if you didn't get stuck in the snow along the way; Which is exactly how T.I.'s Ottawa stop began when his tour bus broke down on his way from Barrie, ON. You ain't in Georgia no more, TIP. No worries, the good guys at... more

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez Brings ‘I Told You’ Tour to Bronson Centre, Ottawa

For the second time in less than a year, Ottawa hosted the wild-child of the new Toronto-- Tory Lanez-- for another sold out show. Fresh off his debut solo album I Told You, released just under 4 months ago, the rapper-slash-singer has been making... more

Review: Arty Warhol “Now” Official Video

Arty Warhol’s “Now” is a song about what money and fame can buy. Every rapper needs at least one of these declarations under their diamond-studded belt buckle. If done right, it’s a banger. This is Arty’s. In case you were forgetting how... more

Bryson Tiller Hints Moving to Ottawa After Partying in the City

The stage was hazy, dimly lit with hues of purple and blue, as the crowed thickened and waited for the artist alternatively known as "Pen Griffey". Bryson Tiller made his Ottawa debut at CityFolk Festival, entering the stage on a softer note with... more

James Bay Cityfolk 2016
James Bay Collides Into Cityfolk Festival With His Ottawa Debut

It was like a throwback to the 90's when calling guys "teen heartthrobs" was a thing; Which seems to be the phrase coming to mind when describing last night's headlining CityFolk performer. James Bay, straight out of UK, made his debut to an Ottawa... more

Swisha T “All I Got” Official Video Review

As the sun sets on the city, Swisha brings forth some new visuals over what seems to be his redemption song. A major part of the Ottawa rapper's story and musical content is that he's seen and done a lot of shit in his life so far; The intro alone... more

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez Releases Another Banger: “Cold Hard Love”

The debut is creeping on us as Tory Lanez prepares to release his first official album titled 'I Told You' on August 19th. Don't get it twisted, Toronto's contender has been making waves internationally for a minute with his career really taking... more

CasaCrouse Records’ Ceerouse ‘#KingCeerouse’ Mixtape Release

New mixtape from Ottawa and CasaCrouse Records' artist Ceerouse This 12-track release is a banger! #KingCeerouse newly released on July 28th! Download it at or on iTunes... more

Ottawa Artist, Paul Crupi, Puts Fresh Spin on “White Iverson”

When it comes to R&B and hip-hop remixes and covers, we've pretty much heard it all before, so it's interesting when an artist with influences from different genres put their spin on things. Paul Crupi is an outside-the-box kind of artist, it's... more

Juvi Da Gemini Sends a Message With “East” Visual

On the east side, we like it grimy; This brand new visual from Juvi Da Gemini is the embodiment of just that. It's an anthem we've been hearing for the past few months, echoing a harsh warning shot to anyone with ill will toward JDG. The official... more

Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ Official Video

Ever since it hit the airwaves we've... been waiting on a video for so long. Drake's 'Hotline Bling' has been the track of the summer and has been climbing the Billboard Hot 100 charts since July. Right behind The Weeknd's 'The Hills', 'Hotline... more

“The Beautiful Exchange” – Yours Truly, T.Y.

Hamilton artist, Yours Truly, T.Y., collaborates with Chef Byer to create "The Beautiful Exchange" EP. Released on July 14th, already having received accolades from Complex and thousands of plays on Soundcloud. This 9 track project is smooth as... more

City Fidelia ft. NDMA ‘4am’

The best nights are the ones that are still going until four in the morning-- partying in the streets after the bars have all closed. Off his brand new album 'A Pisces World', City Fidelia releases its first video for the track '4AM'. The most... more

“Picket Fence” Quake Matthews: The Signal

In Canada, we're a melting pot of so many different cultures and walks of life. We're a generation of kids listening to trap music in Guns 'n' Roses t-shirts; It's just who we are. Quake Matthews tells the story of that Canadian kid walking the... more

Album Release: FALL FOR B∆STARDS

Written by: Andrea Desjardins for Envy Magazine If you haven’t heard of B∆STARDS before (no, not the ones in your office), you’ve probably been living under a rock. The Ottawa based trio formed in March of 2014, have already released a... more

“Safe” Erich Mrak – Produced by PPicasso

Back in December, Erich Mrak began work on his latest song, "Safe", and began filming the video in June; This production has been a long time coming. The kid from Ottawa is making bigger moves in Toronto and certainly coming into his own as an... more

REVIEW: Alex Silas “Roots” album

Written by Andrea Desjardins We can no longer refer to Alex Silas as simply a “rapper”. Thanks to his debut two part album release ROOTS: The Opera of June Mañana, it has become evident we must instead refer to him as a full-blown musician.... more

“0 to 100 Remix” Artiztik

It's catchup season; Summer is the time to go hard and Drizzy knows this. Since the release of 0 to 100 in June, a few worthy artists have been hopping on the beat attempting to go hard like the original. Of course, there were none we liked better... more

“Grease Lightening” Swisha T ft. Johnny Bravo

In possibly one of his creepiest videos, Swisha T-- alongside fellow creep, Johnny Bravo-- Grease Lightening gives an evil portrayal of these 613 rappers. The video begins with a quote from Sam Loomis in the 1978 Halloween movie: "I met this... more

“Old As Fuck” Philly Moves

If you saw two 80 year olds walking down the street, filming a rap video, what would you do? Philly Moves blow everyones minds with their way too realistic geezer disguises in their "Old As Fuck" video. Seriously guys, kudos. I'm never going to be... more

Pusha T Live in Ottawa: MNIMN Canadian Tour (

"One half of The Clipse and G.O.O.D. Music signee Pusha T is on a Canadian tour right now and made a stop in Ottawa on February 1st 2014. Barrymore's Music Hall was packed; top to bottom! King Push performed songs from Fear of GOD, some GOOD... more

“This Town” Alex Silas ft. Bryan Ruckstuhl

Alex Silas is one artist I've come across that I'm unable to put into a box with all the other typical rappers. He's like a... rapping, campfire-song singing, Canadian lumberjack, and I still feel like theres so much we haven't seen yet. But we're... more

Charron BET Cypher Verse 2013

If you can't join them, body them. Recently, Charron was denied a spot in the 2013 BET cypher (as promised) as the Freestyle Friday champ. Instead of taking it as a setback, Charron took it upon himself to get creative. If you've ever seen a BET... more

“I Hate Rappers” Swisha-T

"I'ma belittle all you little rappers for little shits..." The #ihaterappers movement has been taking everybody in Ottawa and beyond by storm and Swisha-T is the reason for it. We're going to need every self proclaimed hip-hop artist to take... more

“Freaks and Geeks Remi” Artiztik

We've come across a few "Freaks and Geeks" remixes since Gambino released his original version in 2011, but none we've liked quite like this one. This remix showcases Artiztik's eloquent flow, consistent of his musical style. 'Tiztik is easily one... more

(MIXTAPE REVIEW) Bath Salts & Vinegar Chips

It seems Orleans native Corey Charron has a habit of getting noticed for all the right reasons these days. After being crowned freestyle champion of BET’s 106 & Park ‘Freestyle Fridays’, the 21 year-old has toured around the world,... more

“Cupid’s Got a Gun” Swisha T ft. Jigz The Flyer

Ottawa's gem, Swisha T, has just released a brand video visual and it is absolute FIRE (as per usual). 'Cupid's Got a Gun' is an intriguing display of sexy visuals with a hint of simplicity, creating pure perfection in a video. Alongside Jigz the... more

“Other Things” Jigz The Flyer

"No fears, baby, no fears; Erase 'em all. You'll never learn to walk if you're petrified of a fall." Bare your soul and be fearless of your differences. This brand new video from Jigz The Flyer (aka Jiggy Hendrix) for "Other Things" invokes a sense... more

Don’t Fu(n)k Up Our Beats Contest Entry ft. SawBuck

Our good friend and Ottawa rapper, SawBuck, has entered in's 'Don't Fu(n)k Up Our Beats' contest. With some serious bars, SawBuck is giving all the other contestants a run for their money. This is one of the best entries we've... more

‘Don’t Fu(n)k Up Our Beats’ Contest Entry ft. Artiztik

It seems as if Ottawa is breeding its new generation of hip hop and they're holding it hostage. Artiztik is a young up-and-comer who's relatively new to Envy's ears and now we can't stop listening to him. This was his entry for the 'Don't Fu[n]k Up... more

Homebased ‘Get Busy’ Album Review

Hip-hop in Ottawa keeps on getting stronger by the day it seems, with all sorts artists popping up on the internet or in the city’s small nightclubs. Whether they’re new or veterans of the scene, lots of people are finally putting their ear to... more

“Flowetry” Swisha T

Ottawa's own Swisha T's "Flowetry" official video. Incredible. Don't believe us? Just watch. Almost 63K views in 2 days. You mad? Twitter: Official... more

Classified ‘Classified’ Album Review

Classified has become a household name in Canadian hip-hop conversation since the year 2009, when his debut major label album Self Explanatory captured the attention of listeners across the country as well as some high ranking chart positions.... more

“Just Gimme Time” City Fidelia #SMAD

Galangster Productions, Maxym Media, Salaam Status & Self Made Music Present... City Fidelia Just Gimme the Time (Produced by Salaam Satus) From the mixtape, Blind Spot ( Download the Mixtape... more

“The Hangover” Swisha-T

We've been telling you all but we'll say it again: this guy is a force to be reckoned with. Swisha T's "The Hangover" is so relevant to what's hot in today's hip hop scene. The vibe of the beat and lyrics is crazy and the visuals are even crazier.... more

SawBuck ‘Premonition’ Album Review

Since starting at Envy Magazine, I never really thought it would get to the point where artists in the city of Ottawa, and even across the country, would be sending me records, tweeting at me, and emailing me asking what I thought of their musical... more

“The 2 Chainz Effect” Reggie Cash JR & Migil Aden

2 Chainz has a way of making people go into a state of ratchetness (it's a word, we definitely looked it up). You ever wonder what would happen if you overload on listening to Tity Boi? Reggie Cash and Migil Aden give us a hilarious point of... more

Jadakiss Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

We've waited a long time for Jadakiss to touch down in Ottawa and it was WELL worth the wait. Kapacity Entertainment gave us one of the most memorable shows of 2012 with this one. Jadakiss performed classics like "Why?", "By Your Side", and "U... more

Afrika Bambaataa ft. DJ Illo & Jamez Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

For 2012's Kapacity x Stamina annual x-mas party, we all got to celebrate the holidays with the legend, the man himself: AFRIKA BAMBAATAA. The crowd was nothing but love and the vibe was nothing but amazing. Filmed by Chizzle and Raw B of Envy... more

“Fork in the Road” Loe Pesci directed by Studio Tree Productions

Loe Pesci "Fork in the Road" Official Video First Video off "Expensive Heat Vol 1" Video directed by Zee-bot for Studio Tree Productions AGL clothing available @ @LoePesci on... more

Calum’s Picks: Top Canadian HipHop Albums of 2012

With another year in the books with regards to the hip-hop world, there were a number of standout contributions from the great white north that should be noticed. These are creations and displays of artistic talent capable of showing that Canada is... more

“F*ckboy” Slightly Famous

SLIGHTLY FAMOUS (Johnny Bravo x Happy Killmore) | "FUCKBOY" Official Video In the minds of Johnny and Happy, a "good idea" is filming an outdoor video after a 2 day snow storm in Ottawa. Hoping to piss a few people off and "ruin everyone's... more

The Psychiatric Minds: The Road To Soul | SD the Scholar [Mixtape Download]

  The highly anticipated mixtape from Canadian Hip-Hop artist SD The Scholar that serves as a prelude to Scholar's upcoming album "The Soul Project LP" due out in February.   DOWNLOAD... more

“Psychiatric Minds” SD The Scholar Prod. by Nock Nock

The official video for "Psychiatric Minds" by SD The Scholar, track produced by Nock Nock and video directed by Jason Matos. "The Psychiatric Minds: The Road To Soul" mixtape is available for download now at on DatPiff!... more

“Lead Me On” Erich Mrak ft. Verns

If you've ever been led on by someone for a significant amount of time, then you know what it feels like, and how much it sucks when you find out that they were with another person the entire time. This song was recorded during the summer, and... more

Alex Silas “Songs for Lovers and Fighters” Album Review

It isn’t often that one comes across an artist who can draw on a variety of different influences and blend them seamlessly into one finished product. However, that’s exactly what Ottawa’s Alex Silas has done with his latest EP. Catching the... more

Peter Jackson “Fresh Start” Album Review

          From embarking on a Canada-wide tour with Jadakiss, to releasing several singles, mixtapes, and music videos,  many will point to Peter Jackson as one of the country’s hardest working hip-hop artists. Jackson recently took the... more

Cashtro Crosby | NKNF (No Kids, No Felonies) | FULL ALBUM

Album: NKNF (No Kids, No Felonies) Artist: Cashtro Crosby Released: Oct. 23rd, 2012 Download Here | And Here Tracklist 1. No Kids No Felonies (Intro) (Prod. Mohamed Haniff) 2. In my zone ft. Harvey Stripes (Prod. Mohamed Haniff) 3. All of... more

“For the Money” MACE MILLY ft. HELL RELL & J-HOOD

*Official Video* Mace Milly feat.Hell Rell & J-Hood "For The Money" Produced by The LJ *2012* - NY2Ottawa - Unsigned Hype Twitter: @masemilli @therealhellrell @odg_don... more

“Blue Sky/C’est La Vie” + The Blindspot project City Fidelia

Recently, we caught up with Ottawa's own City Fidelia for the low down on The Blindspot album which dropped on October 11th (Check the interview here). Since then, our Twitter and Facebook feeds have been buzzing with nothing but positive feedback... more

Big K.R.I.T & Slim Thug Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

Big K.R.I.T and Slim Thug packed nothing but high energy into their performance at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa; A stop on their Live from the Underground tour. Check out Envy Magazine's live footage from the show! Filmed by: Envy... more

“Reach for the Sky (Try)” Maestro ft. Classified

If you needed a boost of inspiration today, Maestro and Classified got it on lock. Everything from the uplifting lyrics to the Blue Rodeo "Try" sample off the 1987 Outskirts album, "Reach for the Sky (Try)" is just a smooth song to vibe to. Not to... more

“Hunger Pains” Young Buck ft. Swisha-T & Aspects | Official Video

When you're truly hungry in the rap game, it portrays a little something like this; Young Buck, Swisha-T, and Aspects all join forces for a raw and honest display of visuals and lyrics in the 'Hunger Pains' collaboration. The country boy and two... more

“The Cypher” Snowgoons ft. Aspects, Ghostface Killah, Swisha T, & Killah Priest

"The Cypher" is a track off the new album "Snowgoons Dynasty" which is set to release in a little under 2 weeks on July 17th. Laden with footage of Ghostface and Killah Priest ripping up the stage at Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa, this video is gritty... more

“Whachu Sayin/Something to Show” Vic NS

"Three letters in the name VIC, but who's countin?" Off his 2011 mixtape How I'm Doing, Vic NS brings us the first video he's ever shot in Guelph, ON, and says "it feels like home". Everything in the Whachu Sayin/Something to Show production... more

“Basics” Homebased

First single off of the sophomore album "Get Busy" due Summer 2012 Produced by Kane B (SOCAN/ASCAP) All lyrics written and performed by Textstyle & BetaVel (SOCAN/ASCAP) Recorded and engineered by NockNock at Fort Nocks Studio... more

“Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover)” Virginia to Vegas ft. Vic NS

Not a Bieber fan? Take in this rendition instead. Less than one minute into listening to the Virginia to Vegas ft. Vic NS cover of Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend", we HAD to click the like, favorite, AND download buttons. Between Vic NS's smooth flow... more

“I’m Tired” Philly Moves

The Philly Moves duo brings the fire yet again with their new video for their "I'm Tired" track. Produced by Patrick Lozinski of Ploz Productions. Also check out their "I'm Tired" Remix contest! "Calling all producers! We are holding a remix... more

“Sets Go Up” Swisha-T

A little over a week ago, we posted Swisha T's official video for the "Rack City" remix track. We couldn't help but give you yet another feature video taste of Swisha's newest video for "Sets Go Up". It's short, swisha sweet, and dope as f*ck.... more

“Cap City (Rack City remix)” Swisha-T

It's safe to say that "Rack City" is getting less plays in Envy's iTunes since this remix came out. Swisha-T shows his capital city colors with this bangin' anthem. Now here is the official video, produced by Good Guy Pictures, laden with shots all... more

“DMT With Joe Rogan” Loe Pesci

... more

AZ Do or Die II Tour Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

Featured in the January 2012... more

Onyx “I’m So 90’s” Tour Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

Good Friday ENT's Perry Papadakos takes us through Barcelona, Thessaloniki, Athens, Rome and Tel Aviv with Onyx and The Beatnuts. Envy Magazine had the opportunity to catch Onyx while they were in Ottawa, ON and if you didn't get to see them,... more

“Always On” Saukrates

VIA OG Hindu Kush If you dont’ already know, here at SYLGU, Montreal is the city, the Habs (Montreal Canadiens) is the team. Saukrates, hands down one of the best Canadian rappers of all time, lays down a serious joint about P.K. Subban... more

Kid Sister Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

Despite that it was a Monday night, Kid Sister came all the way from the state of Illinois to deliver Ottawa an unbelievably energetic performance. This Chi-town rapper rocked the Ritual stage in her très CUTE leopard heels. She and DJ Willy Joy... more

Manifesto Live at the Square (The Goodiebag)

Shot & Edited By: Creations Of LA "This past Sunday (September 25, 2011) Maybach Music Group’s Stalley and Ice H20′s JD Era along with living legends including Phonte, 9th Wonder, Kid Capri, Exile, and Raekwon took to the stage at... more

“We on That” Onyx ft. Young Kazh

Grimy is as grimy does. These dudes have been around forever and they're still as shiftee, low down, gritty and grimey as they ever have been. Plus, this video features their newly signed artist Young Kazh. If you're not down with Onyx,... more

Onyx Live Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa

... more

Lil Wayne “I Am Still Music” Tour Live in Ottawa (WYWCM.COM)

"Before Weezy came out on stage, Rozay was up next to bless the stage. In this footage, you’ll catch him perform hits like: Hustle Hard remix, 9 Piece, I’m on one, BMF, MC Hammer & I’m a boss. If you pay close attention, you can hear... more

House of Paint 2011

... more

“I Don’t Care” JRDN

 You've all been hearing this song flood your radio stations and now there's finally a video for it. Let us just say that we love JRDN's attitude in this video. He may not care, but if this handsome face was dismissing you, you would! This video is... more

“Hard to Forget” J-Bru ft. Kayo

"I made it rain, but for now I see the sunshine" Due to the fact that I haven't posted anything in the video section for a while (working hard on the next issue for you all) I'm going to make up for it by posting this one. This video in itself is... more

“Love you” Maribelle Anes & D-Pryde

As avid supporters of Canadian artist, D-Pryde, we COULD not pass up putting this video here for all of you to see. Despite how lovey dovey it is-- as most of our our will utter "ew" in bitter disgust-- we still think this is a great song just... more

“60 Bar Chainsaw Massacre” Sese

The rap game's Leatherface That's all we have to say. The ridiculous punchlines, the energetic but smooth flow and video production all have us wearing down our replay button with no intention of stopping. You can't afford to not click this... more

“Reality” DJ Charlie B ft. Belly, P.Reign, JRDN and Big Lean

DJ Charlie B's first music video and it's a BANGER. Featuring some of the best Canadian artists in existence right now. This is one of those songs you play with your car windows down and the volume all the way turned up (no Travis Porter) If you... more

“What a World” Sese

"... to stop 'em, they gon' have to 'Princes Diana' me..." Despite this video being out for 3 weeks now, we couldn't help but share it again and again. Once again, Sese blew us away with his flow, his content AND the video delivery. There's not... more

Central State Cipher PT. II

We already saw DubleJay and his Central State team dominate their cipher in part one and now they're back at it again. With a larger team this time, but still as great as the... more