Toronto Rapper SESE | INTERVIEW

Posted: February 27th, 2011

Envy: What is more important to you: lyrics or beats?
Sese: It’s gotta be a full package for me to really appreciate it. The beat has to complement the flow and vice-versa. It seems the industry today has put more focus on a hot beat more-so than real lyricism. If your lyrics complement the beat and your beat complements your lyrics, thats how you’re gonna get that magic. No matter what, an artist isn’t gonna capture that feeling 100% of the time, so when it happens you really feel it.
Envy: Are some of the best “underground”, lyrical artists surpassed and outsold by generic, “mainstream” artists?
Sese: In hip hop, there’s always the argument of being the “entertainer” or the “emcee”. The emcees feel that the mainstream artist lacks the artist part and the entertainers think that the emcees lack commercial appeal. The trick is finding that balance where you can get everybody interested in what you’re saying, but still making the music you wanna make.
Envy: Being such a versatile rapper, what made you go in the direction of the “horrorcore” genre with your last album YFRWN?
Sese: It was just timing, really. Halloween was coming up and I had just did the song with Vokab called “YFRWN”. Everyone I was showing my new music to said “you’re killing it”. So it kinda just happened on its own. Mainly it was about going in on hard beats, I didnt wanna really follow the trends that everyone else was following at the time.
Envy: Which aspects of the hip hop industry encourage you discourage you the most?
Sese: I love the making music part; going to the studio, cutting a track, the whole process. The business part is crazy sometimes; you gotta really watch who you keep around you and make sure you trust your circle. If you have a good team and quality music you’re going to win.
Envy: What are you up to as of late in terms of projects, songs, etc?
Sese: I’m just recording for most part. I like to stay busy, working and making new music. I still record a dub or freestyle weekly and I’m working on new material with a lot of upcoming and well-known producers. I’m also dropping the YFRWN DVD and special edition, it’s gonna have 20 videos ,new songs, blogs, studio and live show footage. It’s a good way for my fans to keep up to date with what I’m doing and get a look at the person behind the music.
Envy: Do you believe in being yourself in the business world, no matter what others may think of you?
Sese: Yeah I do. It’s a bad thing, in a way, because I’m less likely to conform into what I’m expected or told to create. I always just go with what feels right at the time, so emotion drives most of my music. I’m never really into the whole “I need a club track” and “I need a ‘girl track’”. I pretty much just make what I wanna make. It’s the beauty of being an independent artist: freedom.
Envy: Any last words?
Sese: That’s what I ask other rappers! YFRWN!

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