“This Town” Alex Silas ft. Bryan Ruckstuhl

Posted: January 07th, 2014

Alex Silas is one artist I’ve come across that I’m unable to put into a box with all the other typical rappers. He’s like a… rapping, campfire-song singing, Canadian lumberjack, and I still feel like theres so much we haven’t seen yet. But we’re about to. Alex wanted to create something what exhibits who he is, where he comes from, and where he’s at, and “This Town” pulled off all three flawlessly. I’ll admit, I was a little confused by the beginning of the video (a surprised, good kind of confused though). There aren’t a whole lot of rappers setting flames to their acoustic guitars and whilst playing the harmonica, you know? It was refreshing to see something different. Getting a glimpse into who Alex Silas is while relating to the visuals of my own city of Ottawa, the video as a whole gave me the warm fuzzies (don’t worry guys, you can still keep your G cards). Loved this video in all its honesty and ease of relatability– dope. This is the first release of Alex Sila’s upcoming release “Roots”. I’m looking forward to hearing more and seeing how raw and open he can get with us. Check it out.

– Chizzle


Directed & Edited by: Michael McLaughlin
Filmed by: Michael McLaughlin & Geoffrey McCaldin
Concept by: Alex Silas & Michael McLaughlin
Key Grip & Fire Tech: Daniel Roussy
Special Thanks to everyone involved
A Seek Artistry Production www.seekartistry.ca

Song Produced by: Bryan Ruckstuhl & Alex Silas
Featuring Vocals by: Bryan Ruckstuhl
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by: Bryan Ruckstuhl at Studio 169 www.Studio169.ca

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