Afrika Bambaataa Removed From Zulu Nation As Leader

May 06th, 2016

It’s been a shocking couple of months for the hip hop community as molestation allegations have surfaced against Zulu Nation leader, Afrika Bambaataa. Back in March, former Bronx politician and Zulu Nation member, Ronald Savage, went into detail about the violation as a teenager, prompting three more people to come forward with similar stories. More than 37 years brewing, this messy situation snowballed quickly as even Bambaataa’s former bodyguard, Lord Shariyf, alleged that the Zulu leader had probably molested hundreds of young men since the 1970s. Bambaataa has denied these accusations, claiming they are based on nothing and just an attempt to ruin his legacy. The statute of limitations in New York may prevent the alleged victims from pressing charges, since they have all reached beyond the age of 23.


Today, May 6th, 2016, marks the end of the hip hop pioneer’s reign as leader of the Zulu Nation. Amidst a “significant restructure”, Afrika Bambaataa has been ousted from the group. Although not called out by name in their statement, it was stated: “As part of this restructure ALL accused parties and those accused of covering up the current allegations of child molestation have been removed and have stepped down from their current positions.” The Zulu Nation is “currently under new leadership”.

You can view the entire statement at

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