Charron “Bath Salts & Vinegar Chips”

June 03rd, 2013


It seems Orleans native Corey Charron has a habit of getting noticed for all the right reasons these days. After being crowned freestyle champion of BET’s 106 & Park ‘Freestyle Fridays’, the 21 year-old has toured around the world, freestyle rapped the weather on morning television, and made national and international news with a Rob Ford diss track. Amidst all the performance and praise, Charron took time to get a jump on his recording career, releasing his first mixtape. Bath Salts & Vinegar Chips is a 40-minute look at the written work of Charron. While not putting emphasis on his freestyle rap skill, the listen features a healthy dose of the young man’s quick wit (and even quicker tongue) that put him on the radar of many rap music fans at home and away these past few months.

It isn’t the production that draws me into Bath Salts… so much as the work Charron has put into this thing lyrically. With a flow that can constantly characterized as aggressive and confident also comes a wealth of creative quickness. Need a reason to listen to the mixtape multiple times? One would be to take in all of the incredible wordplay within Charron’s verses. You can bet he’s up to date on all sorts of pop culture references, working in Will Ferrell movies, David Letterman, and Tie Domi within his bars. His quickness is captivating – keeping the edge he is known for on the battle circuit. The features are worth noting as well, with Charron bringing along the likes of Swisha T, SMP, An0maly, and Prince Ea.

With all the notoriety he’s already gained these past few months, Bath Salts & Vinegar Chips is another worthy addition to Charron’s body of work. While not exactly being freestyle in nature, the collection of tracks manages to keep the edge and razor sharp lyrical intelligence the man has become known for. An excellent debut.


Calum Slingerland
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