Belly Returns to Ottawa; Has the Antidote for Bluesfest

July 11th, 2016

It was a spectacular return for Ottawa’s own, Belly, on day four of Ottawa Bluesfest 2016. The prodigal son has been off making hit records with The Weeknd and being invited to appear on Jimmy Kimmel (to which he declined because Trump). Modestly, of course, Belly had his name scrawled out in bold letters across a screen that spanned almost the entire width and height of the stage; Which later changed to colourful visuals splashed across several huge screens. In a slightly-late entrance, Belly came out swinging in a white silk robe with “Muhammad Ali” printed on the back. It was clear he was excited to be back in his hometown, telling the massive crowd that he’ll “never forget where the fuck I came from”, prompting them to chant “6-1-3! 6-1-3!” Jumping wildly around the stage, chain and robe swinging, Belly went into his most popular tracks like “Might Not” and “Zanzibar”. Pausing the turn up just long enough to plaster Donald Trump’s face across the screen, complete with devil horns, the Muslim-born rapper went into an anti-Trump anthem. Hoards of Belly supporters raised their middle fingers in the air in solidarity with him, proving that even Canadians don’t like Trump (and we like everybody).

Belly Ottawa Bluesfest 2016

Photo by Chizzle Photography

There was some buzz going around that something was going to go down during Belly’s set, but nobody knew what exactly. Toward the end of his set, he told the crowd he had “something special” for them– and he definitely did not disappoint. Out from the smoke, Houston rapper Travis Scott, rose like a phoenix and tore the stage up, making the entire crowd erupt. In true La Flame fashion, he did not skimp on the antics as he flailed around the stage during his entire performance. He jumped off the stage and into the crowd several times to turn up with fans who were elated to see him. He and Belly went into their joint track “White Girls”, along with Belly’s track “Ballerina”,  before ending the show with the world-wide banger “Antidote”, leaving everyone too hype for words. With Palestinian flags waving in the crowd, Belly certainly came home with a bang.

Photos by: Chizzle Photography

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