Bluesfest Day Five: Machine Gun Kelly, City Fidelia, & Roland Prince

July 30th, 2018

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is the wild child of hip hop so it’s no surprise when he goes full-throttle for his performances; Bringing everything from confetti to a mic stand shaped like a viper with glowing eyes, he pulls no punches. While record-breaking crowds came to see Foo Fighters headline the night, the Black Sheep Stage was still nothing to miss as Machine Gun Kelly was slated to perform. Hip hop heads from young kids to not-so-young kids packed themselves into a stage that should have been larger but, like Ghostface Killah’s show, we make due with what we’re given. Much like his Algonquin show three years ago, MGK has shown zero sign of slowing down his wicked ways– high energy on the stage begot even higher energy in the crowd. When you can make basic white girls, hip hop elitists, and 40 year old dad-bod’s equally as excited about you, you’re doing it right. Having an entire band with him, complete with a killer lead guitarist, kept this artist above and beyond the rap genre. Post-show had everyone buzzing that this was THE show of the entire festival. We had no doubt– sorry, Dave Grohl.

Machine Gun Kelly Bluesfest 2018

Photos by Hidden Beats

City Fidelia

Native to the city of Ottawa, City Fidelia has been on the local scene for a while and has built a nice fanbase for himself. A fanbase that showed up and showed out for the rapper. After a few years of living in Toronto he had decided to return to the capital for a special Bluesfest performance. Who wouldn’t? Draped in a Senators jersey, this guy’s love for his city is unmatched and 100% real. Bringing his entire entourage with him as he always does, City made his homecoming into a classic turn up– bringing out DJ Kaptev, Carpe Diem, and Eva Shaw. New music is in the works for City Fidelia and we’re too hype to hear it when it drops.

Photos by Hidden Beats

Roland Prince

Self-proclaimed “weirdo” Roland Prince is yet another Ottawa-dweller who took over the Black Sheep Stage at Bluesfest. At the hottest peak of the day, the rapper sweated out with quite a decent crowd, including many friends and family supporters. Roland Prince prides himself on being unique to the genre of hip hop, creating a musical experience for his listeners. His unique style comes out in his fashion as well as he rocked the stage in his patchwork overalls. The rapper performed unreleased tracks off of his upcoming ODD album, set to have been released on his July 15th birthday. 

Photos by Hidden Beats

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