Drake Releases “In My Feelings” Music Video

August 03rd, 2018

It’s a track you might have initially overlooked during your Scorpion listening party, but now you can’t imagine skipping over. Drake’s “In My Feelings” track is exactly what it sounds like: the soft-God pouring his feelings out yet again. With its New Orleans bounce influence, the track plays with your emotions a little bit. Do I want to dance, or do I want to call my ex for the 42nd time this week? Thanks to social media influencer Shiggy the whole world is dancing instead. A video where the moves weren’t even planned, #TheShiggyChallenge has become the biggest dance craze to hit the internet in years; Even Will Smith made a production out of it

The video itself opens with a mini-movie, as Drake is known to do. Guess he just can’t let go of those acting roots. Of course the cameo king couldn’t produce a video without some familiar faces popping up. We’ll leave those surprises for you to find. While he doesn’t actually do the Shiggy Challenge, everyone else in the video does as well as a special guest. Check out the video below where Drake heads to, of course, New Orleans to profess his love to Kiki. 



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