Fetty Wap and Monty Take Trap Music to Ottawa Bluesfest

July 12th, 2017

Festival season is in full swing and Fetty Wap has been making his rounds; Performing at London’s ‘Wireless’ Festival, then Michigan’s ‘Common Ground’ festival, followed by Ottawa’s ‘Bluesfest’ all in the span of 5 days. Trap artists don’t need to sleep, clearly.

In the moments leading up to his arrival, Fetty’s DJ shook up the festival grounds with a bass so strong it could knock Shaq over. Drawing out another young crowd at Bluesfest, the fast-rising-rapper’s debut to Ottawa was a welcoming and long-anticipated one. After a solid 15-minute DJ set, it was time for Fetty Wap to burst onto the stage but, “burst”, he did not. Much to our surprise, unlike most rappers, he walked humbly onto the stage while smiling and waving to his screaming fans. Before launching into ‘RGF Island’, a track with over 84 million listens on Soundcloud, he introduced us to his right hand man, Monty– another young rapper from the Remy Boyz squad who is featured on much of ‘Fetty Wap’, the LP. Before taking the stage for his own, Fetty gave spotlight to Monty first and foremost, performing featured tracks like ‘D.A.M’ and ‘Right Back’.


Fetty Wap is a rapper who embraces his place in hiphop, stating that “there is space for me and Jay-z in the rap game”. Jay-z recently fired off at rappers who flex their money on the ‘gram, to which the young rapper replied “legends are going to be legends and new legends are going to be new legends” . Fetty Wap is known for taking trap music and bringing it to the mainstream in an incredibly short amount of time. From the same city that Redman and Joe Budden call home, Paterson, NJ, was where Fetty Wap built his following from the ground up. In just two years, he has already made the 2015 XXL Freshman list and blew up with his ‘Trap Queen’ record which peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Top 100 and spent 25 weeks in the top 10.

While the R&B-trap thing isn’t for everyone, it’s undeniable that the 26-year-old rapper has heart when he’s performing and that we can all appreciate. Energy is no lost concept among Fetty and his Remy Boyz counterparts as they all danced and moved valiantly around on their stage. Not down with the separation between he and his eager Canadian fans, Fetty hopped off stage and made his way into the crowd; Some enjoying their really up close and personal time with his face two inches from theirs. A set list filled with anthems from the past two years, Fetty gave us ‘679’, ‘Again’, and of course ‘Trap Queen’. 

After a short 45 minute set, we thought it was over. Most fans began leaving the stage, some stayed to chant for an encore. A couple minutes later, the Remy Boyz hit the stage one more time with ‘Jugg’ and fans stampeded back to their spots. Only set to play until 7:45, Fetty and his fans made an executive decision and extended his set until 8:00. It’s hard to convince most people that trap music can be feel-good but that’s exactly what a Fetty Wap show is: carefree and fun. 

Fun Fact: after his set at Bluesfest, Fetty instagram’d a photo with country singer Jake Owen backstage.


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