Future Creates Pandemonium at Ottawa Bluesfest; Doesn’t Bring Drake

July 17th, 2016

Sardines. If asked to describe the massive crowd that packed in for Future on the 8th day of Ottawa Bluesfest, the word “sardines” comes to mind. Amidst rumours that Drake was going to show his face, the attendance seemed to multiply from 0 – 100, real quick. However, once Fire Marshal Future swooped in and took the stage, fans seemed to swiftly forget the promise of a 6 God surprise. With a Freebandz logo plastered on the screen behind him, the DJ hyped the crowd for a good 10 minutes before Future stepped on stage to the words “I ain’t talking nothin’ but big money shit”. The scent of grape jolly ranchers was in full effect at this point.

Future Ottawa Bluesfest 2016

Photo by Chizzle Photography

As the crowd turned up in unison– partially because they had no choice because when they moved, you moved– the set continued on with a large chunk of tracks from What a Time to Be Alive (but where’s Drake at though?) He rifled through bangers like “Jersey”, “Move That Dope”, “Big Rings”, and of course “Fuck Up Some Commas”. Dressed in a shirt that read “American Psycho”, dreads flying in all directions, Future bounced solo over every inch of the stage and hyped the crowd as if there were 100 of him up there. Shouting out his Canadian fans several times, even distinguishing between Ontario and Quebec, Future proved he actually had a clue what an “Ottawa” was; Plenty of American artists like to just call us “Canada” to play it safe. It’s cool, guys, we’re a forgiving bunch.

Nearing the end of the show, he told the crowd he wanted to do something special for his Canadian fans, then went into his track “March Madness”. Whatever that meant. Future Hendrix ended his solid set with “Wicked” and a literal bang as confetti cannons burst with red and white confetti thickened to the point that we thought the rapper pulled a disappearing act. All in all if you’re going to attend a Future show all you need is some riot gear and a solo cup.

Photos by: Chizzle Photography

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