Ginuwine Gets Back To The Basics at Danforth Music Hall

April 03rd, 2016

The new wave of R&B music doesn’t exactly measure up to how it used to be, so it’s necessary to take it back to the basics every now and then. After a MUCH anticipated wait for just about every female in Toronto, ‘A Night With Ginuwine’ presented by 5y Entertainment finally arrived at Danforth Music Hall. As one of the top tier artists of the golden age of R&B music, Ginuwine was surely not going to disappoint with his first show in Toronto in over 5 years. Hitting the stage draped in all white in true Ginuwine fashion, he came out strong with his classic ‘Same Ol’ G’. The show featured an all-star set list that could take anybody down memory lane including ‘In Those Jeans’, ‘Differences’, and ‘Stingy’. He also, of course, performed the ever-immortal ‘Pony’, who are we kidding? Backed up by two singers with powerful voices to match his own, Ginuwine gave a performance to remind everybody why he belongs on every R&B top three list ever. His interaction with the fans was something to be truly admired, especially when taking time to personally hand out roses to the ladies in the audience during ‘Pony’ (we know you girls died a little, it’s okay). The entire night was exactly what a classic R&B show is made of: it was a sultry, sweaty, and all-around sexy ride with Ginuwine. Let’s just say, the old school cats still reign supreme in the singing game.

Check out our IG videos of the show: video one, video two, video three

Written by: Chizzle
Photos by: Donny Kashh

Photos by: Donny Kashh

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