Hopsin Performs Sold Out ‘Hop Solo’ Show in Ottawa

May 01st, 2016

Whether it’s giving out his phone number and answering calls from the Internet or having random Snapchat followers be his tour guides around Australia, Hopsin is an artist truly dedicated to his fans. With a show that completely sold out in Ottawa (even when a second batch of tickets and door tickets were released), it’s no question that his fans are dedicated to him as well.

20160430 - Hopsin-1

Photo: Alexandre Brault

The Bourbon Room filled up early and quickly with people of all ages in attendance, packed around the stage to get up close and personal with the ill mind of Hopsin. Earlier in the night during his sound check, we overheard discussion of how Hopsin would enter the stage that night; Jumping down from the second-floor balcony was conspired and then quickly laughed off. Despite the lack of flying in WWE Raw style, the room still erupted as the self-proclaimed psycho rapper entered to his brand new track ‘Bout the Business’. The energy never wavered as Hopsin went through tracks like ‘Forever Ill’, ‘Rip Your Heart Out’, and ‘Am I A Psycho?’. In one of the most entertaining parts of the night, Hopsin called out a female fan in the front row for also being at the Toronto show the night before. After having a quick heart-to-heart with her boyfriend, he leads into his ‘Ramona’ track– a song about obsessed stalkers/groupies that want to sleep with him. “Ramona” and her boyfriend seemed to have taken it well and Hopsin agreed to perform at their wedding.

It’s no secret that we’ve been to our fair share of shows, but this one has made it’s way to our top 5 as far as energy and entertainment goes. Hopsin put on an incredible performance for us here in the capital for his very first time here and it’s been promised that he will be returning. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a golden ticket, we’ve got all of your coverage right here.

Article written by: Chizzle

Photos shot by: Alexandre Brault

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