Lil Yachty Makes Debut at Bluesfest 2017; Falls Head Over Heels for Ottawa

July 16th, 2017

It has been an interesting few days among Ottawa’s music community after heated debates were sparked over Atlanta hip hop trio, Migos. As the first of two major hip hop headliners of the night, Migos had already raised concerns among festival goers after hoards of people in Quebec showed up for their performance just the night before. However, these concerns didn’t stop young kids from coming in droves to see one of the hottest groups in hip hop today. Concerns became reality as an overpacked crowd became restless and reckless. Security locked down the main gates, causing Migos to be 45 minutes late for their own performance which create a domino effect of tardiness for the second headliner of the night.

After the debacle that ensued at the beginning, fans rushed over to the next stage to see the second headliner of the night, Lil Yachty. Oddly enough, Yachty seemed to provide a calm in the storm– if you want to call it that. Self-appointed as “king of the teens”, it was no surprise that his audience all looked like high school freshman. Many older hiphop heads have a vendetta against the 19 year old rapper for not being “real rap” but Yachty has shown that he has a bigger purpose than hip hop. The kids gravitate toward him because they relate to him; He’s shown them it’s okay to be weird. It’s a positive message we can all understand, whether we respect his music or not. 

Rooted in Mableton, Georgia, the young southern rapper started off making music on Soundcloud, a popular music platform for independent artists. Having only released his debut mixtape in 2016, Lil Yachty, much like earlier-performers, Migos, has had a fast and steady rise to the forefront of hip hop music. Self described as “bubblegum trap”, Yachty is known for his catchy, cartoony style of music; A style which he displays in his debut album “Teenage Emotions” released in May of 2017 that hit #5 on Billboard’s Top 200. Spin called the album “a confusing but enjoyable record that sidesteps the rap hand-wringing and telegraphed weirdness of the drama surrounding Yachty.”

It was fast-paced and a little wild as Lil Yachty practically threw himself out onto the stage, moshing against himself, sporting some fisherman’s overalls. The excitement seemed to shift from mayhem back to fun again as the rapper advised kids in the front to stop pushing each other. In midst of all the hype, it would appear that Yachty acted a little overzealous and caused himself to misstep and fall through the amplifiers that he was running across. Laughing it off, he got up and continued his show as if he didn’t just capsize his ship.

Say what you want about the red braids, multi-coloured fruit loop grills, and bubblegummumbletrap rap– Lil Yachty is one of the few new-age rappers out today aimed at making a positive influence on his fans.

Fun fact: he announced a #SailingScholars plan to help pay some fans’ tuition and take them back to school shopping.

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