Obie Trice Speaks On ‘The Hangover’, Outrageous Jay-Z Story, Meek vs. Drake, and more

January 15th, 2016

Obie Trice © Alexandre Brault

Photo by: Alexandre Brault for Envy Magazine
Photos of Obie Trice Live at Ritual Nightclub, Ottawa, here

It’s been three long years since we’ve heard an album from Detroit’s own, Obie Trice, the man who brought us hip-hop classics from “Got Some Teeth” to “Shit Hits the Fan”. Four months after the drop of his fourth studio album “The Hangover”, released under his own label, Black Market Entertainment, Obie hit the streets of Canada for a promo tour. With a show every night and thirteen cities across eastern Canada, the capital city was no doubt going to be one of his stops along the way. After some rough weather traveling from Peterborough, ON, Obie and his crew finally made it to Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa to perform.

We nabbed Obie for a sit-down just before his set where he speaks on: ‘The Hangover’ Canadian Tour, the response to ‘The Hangover’ album, what his label, Black Market Entertainment, does for Detroit, Martin Shkreli buying Wu-Tangs album for $2 million, Kanye West allegedly calling Tupac “overrated”, the Drake vs. Meek Mill beef, an un-told story involving Jay-Z, plus more!

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