Onyx Shut Down Juno Weekend with Choclair in Ottawa

April 06th, 2017

It was Juno weekend in Ottawa, which means a heavy roster of artists were set to perform in clubs across Ottawa for Junofest. Among them were the legendary Queens, NY, hip hop duo, Onyx. It’s been 5 years since Fredro and Sticky touched down in the capital and this time they brought reinforcements– Canadian rapper Choclair who hosted the night at The Bourbon Room.

Photo: Alexandre Brault

Just as grimy as they always are, Onyx shut down the stage with hardcore lyrics, raspy vocals, and an overly rowdy crowd. The energy was live inside the venue as Sticky and Fredro performed iconic tracks including Slam, Shiftee, and Throw Ya Gunz. To their devoted crowd of Canadian fans, they couldn’t have enough nice things to say about the north– boasting that they love this country, especially the weed. What a way to wrap up Juno weekend on a high note.

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Article written by: Chizzle

All Photos shot by: Alexandre Brault

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