Peter Jackson “Fresh Start”

December 01st, 2012

          From embarking on a Canada-wide tour with Jadakiss, to releasing several singles, mixtapes, and music videos,  many will point to Peter Jackson as one of the country’s hardest working hip-hop artists. Jackson recently took the time to release his debut LP, Fresh Start. The 15-track effort is an excellent testament to the man’s skill within the genre, as well as his seemingly tireless work ethic. Add in a handful of guest appearances and a diverse array of influences, and you have yourself a very solid album.

          Opening with the inspirational, mid-tempo “1. Fighter”, the song has a very triumphant feel to it, along with an excellent, harmony-filled hook sung by Michael Mazze. Things soon change with the aptly-titled “I Don’t Give a F***K”, showcasing Jackson rapping with serious bravado about his disregard for just about everything (I don’t give a f*** about what you drink/I don’t give a f*** about what you smoke/I don’t give a f*** about what you do/I don’t give a f*** about where you go). The album’s title track takes brings back some of the vibes felt with “1. Fighter”, with another catchy, powerful vocal hook that has some serious gospel influence within it. This one is an album highlight, no doubt.

          “Hustle From Born (Hustler)” mixes up the musical influence entirely with its heavy reggae stylings, with the hook being reminiscent of something Damian Marley would do. It’s truly a testament to Jackson’s versatility as a rapper. “Can’t Get Enough” is your classic, anthemic club jam, while “Goodbye” covers some slower, R&B-type ground. “18 2 Life” is a very cool track featuring Lukas Rossi of Rockstar: Supernova fame on the hook. It’s another album highlight with its guitar-infused instrumental, giving a very edgy feel to the listener. “Hundred Miles” takes us straight to the southern rap scene, full of trap-rap style snares and horns. Three words for that track: it goes hard.

          Another track that caught my ear was “My Brothers Keeper”, an emotional track which sees Jackson rap alongside a number of other rappers such as Hardbody, P Dollaz, Brett Williams, Zaze, Flex, K-Stu, Bandit, and G5. The album’s longest track, clocking in at just over seven minutes, it was good to see each rapper engage with the music and their lyrics on a very intellectual and meaningful level. “Here I Go Again” is another interesting track influence-wise, with Jackson making reference to Whitesnake’s rock radio staple “Here I Go Again” throughout the song.

           By the end of the listening, Fresh Start stands up as a very solid album from Peter Jackson, showcasing his rap talent as well as his unique taste in other genres. He blends these musical influences together with his own rap stylings expertly, making for a very enjoyable and exceptional finished product.

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Peter Jackson

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