“Put Some Respeck On It” Birdman Cartoon Parody

April 24th, 2016

The internet still hasn’t let up on Birdman and we think it’s hilarious. During a Breakfast Club interview, the Cash Money mogul went off on the hosts Charlamagne (whom he threatened to ‘handle’ in the streets), Angela Yee, and DJ Envy (whom he’s since apologized to). I guess he got fed up with the show’s incessant clowning about not paying his artists (ie Lil Wayne). The interview hadn’t even begun before Birdman decided to command some “respeck” from the hosts and their guests. Unfortunately for him but so fortunately for us, the Internet does what it does best and blows the entire thing up in his face. If you’re one of the lazy ones and don’t feel like watching the real interview, FILNOBEP.com has released a video too funny and accurate not to share.

– Chizzle

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