Swisha T “All I Got” Official Video

September 07th, 2016

As the sun sets on the city, Swisha brings forth some new visuals over what seems to be his redemption song. A major part of the Ottawa rapper’s story and musical content is that he’s seen and done a lot of shit in his life so far; The intro alone in the video reiterates this fact to his listeners. The first track off Filthy, an album in remembrance of his friend and fellow Ottawa rapper, Johnny Bravo, “All I Got” brings us deeper into the Swisha T saga. While looking for atonement, wishing he could turn back the clock in his life, Swisha still remains unapologetically himself and vows to move forward.

The track itself features rapid fire flow, true to the rapper’s fashion, but there’s something anew in this piece– he’s singing. Swisha introduces a melodic tone to the hook in “All I Got”, a side we don’t see much of from such a hard-hitting rapper. It works. Through strategically-placed rhymes and stellar production, we get to see the struggle of a man who is trying to do right in a world that pushes him to do wrong; Spoiler alert: he chooses to do right by his fallen friends and himself.



Mixed & Mastered by: Jay White
Shot & Directed By: I in Eye Cinematics
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