Slim Jesus Causes Snatching Spree Across Canada

December 03rd, 2015

WARNING: Slim Jesus side-effects include the strong urge to snatch the f*ck out of people.

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It’s been a bad week in Ottawa for Slim Jesus fans. First, in an attempt to imitate the skinny white rapper, battle rapper Cory Charron caused a chain-snatch-reaction between he and K-Shine(see video here) . Now, during the real Slim Jesus show at Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa, it was a battle between the messiah’s. An Ottawa rapper took it upon himself to advocate for hip hop and snatch the young artists mic from him mid-performance. “Support real hip hop, bitch” were Jarrett Lopez’s (aka Black Jesus) choice words for Slim and, by association, his fans in attendance at the show.

While we can agree that Slim Jesus’ music isn’t really our taste (he’s pretty cheeks, to be honest), the definition of “real hip hop” is a very personal one. It’s 2015, this whole hip hop hipster “I only listen to conscious 90s rap so I’m better than you” nonsense is dead. People do support “real hip hop” and it’s the herbs that get mad that people don’t. Enough of our opinion though because this entire thing was a publicity stunt planned by Black Jesus for his ‘Ball So Hard’ video. Whatever the reason for the maneuver, the unprofessionalism is strong on this one.

Besides, it’s only cool when Kanye does it.


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