City Fidelia ft. NDMA ‘4am’

May 18th, 2015

The best nights are the ones that are still going until four in the morning– partying in the streets after the bars have all closed. Off his brand new album ‘A Pisces World’, City Fidelia releases its first video for the track ‘4AM’. The most unique thing we’ve noticed about this video is, while most rappers take the forefront in their videos, City seems to play the background in this one– in a good way. While you are aware he’s the main character in his movie, the focus is more on his surroundings which is what he thrives off the most. The beat and the vocals are prominent and heavy but in a feel-good type of way– a unique mixture of sound. City Fidelia’s artist-defining project has grabbed our attention and we look forward to more visuals down the road. Till now, we zonin’ at 4 in the mornin’.

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Director – La Vie Motion Pictures
Producer – Max Perron

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