“Safe” Erich Mrak – Produced by PPicasso

September 09th, 2014

Back in December, Erich Mrak began work on his latest song, “Safe”, and began filming the video in June; This production has been a long time coming. The kid from Ottawa is making bigger moves in Toronto and certainly coming into his own as an artist. “Safe” is almost an ironic title for the song as it depicts an emotionally unsafe, “drunk in love” relationship; Despite the catchy jingle of the song, it’s a kind of sad story of a boy in love with a girl who doesn’t love him back and, in the end having walked away. Behind the scenes, Erich explains that it took him 3 hours to film the cliff scene because of his fear of heights; Knowing this, the video has a cool underlying message of letting go and conquering your fears which is a message Erich carries with him dearly. “Safe” was beautifully filmed and wonderfully produced. Enjoyable through and through!

Produced by PPicasso | Written by Erich Mrak

Vocals recorded and engineered by Laguil Music – @_Laguil

Cover art done by Thanh To

Music video by La Vie Motion Pictures

Download the audio here

Find Erich:
Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram  | ErichMrakMusic@gmail.com

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